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Gilbert Cohen , retired from Eliasol in January 2021

the site below remains for information only 


ELIASOL ENERGY  Specializes in Designing Concentrating Solar Power Plants (CSP) Around the World


Gilbert E. Cohen is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Eliasol Energy, a leading engineering consultancy based in North Carolina which provides consulting and engineering services for energy companies. As an expert in solar power technology, Mr. Cohen designs solar power plants internationally, and has participated in the development of four (4)  operating power plants in Spain, (eleven)11 in the United States, and he is now designing new projects in several countries. Mr. Cohen is a recipient of the Hoyt Clarke Hottel Award from the American Solar Energy Society (ASES), which he received in 2002 for his diligent efforts in the field of solar energy. 

As President and founder of Eliasol Energy, Mr. Cohen is now engaged in consulting in the field of Solar Energy. With his team, Mr. Cohen also provides engineering and technical services to the CSP industry. As Senior Vice President of Acciona Solar Power since 2005, Mr. Cohen was the Chief Technology Officer responsible for the engineering, operations, research, development and dissemination of solar thermal energy technologies for the company’s solar energy projects. Mr. Cohen has over 35 years of experience in the field of solar energy. He previously served as the Senior Vice President (Engineering and Operations) for Acciona Solar Power (formerly Solargenix Energy) beginning in 1998. Mr. Cohen was instrumental in the development of the Nevada Solar One project, the largest solar thermal electric power plant built in the USA since the early 80’s. He continuously strives for excellence in his every endeavor as a consultant and pioneer who looks to solve issues related to energy independence around the world.








Solar products and/or services

Eliasol Energy offers varieties of technical support to all solar energy companies; in particular but not limited to:


Ø  project developers,  Investors

Ø  Financial Institutions

Ø  Utility companies

Ø  Engineering firms

Ø  Architectural firms

Ø  Site assessment

Ø  Feasibility studies

Ø  RFPs preparation

Ø  R&D and development of new solar components

Ø  State of the art Master control system

And other Solar components


Engineering Services


Eliasol Energy is specialized in the following areas:

Ø  Due Diligence services in solar energy plants and other renewable projects.

Ø  Energy production analysis

Ø  Cost estimates analysis

Ø  Financial Proforma preparation for PPA negotiation

Ø  Conceptual Design Engineering; solar field, Power block and Balance of Plant

Ø  Owner Engineers representative

Ø  Field inspection

Ø  EPC bid preparation

Ø  Owner support for EPC selection and contract negotiation

Ø  Testing and improvements

Ø  Design of solar collector structures

 Eliasol Energy also provides expert training for Operation and Maintenance of utility scale solar projects and testing facilities.




Files to download: 1. CEC REPORT DOWNLOAD

2. Costs of Solar and Wind Power Variability for Reducing CO 2 Emissions


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